All about Bouncy Castle Hire Perth

Perth bouncy castle hire ph: 0429 141 362 We’re full of enthusiasm, excitement and ready to make your party a bouncy great one! We are all about the happy! About making kids and adults alike, smile and laugh and play. All our bouncy castles are bright, shiny, vibrant and AS NEW. Some of the latest designs available AND new and exciting inflatables arriving all the time.Bouncy Castles for Hire across Perth & suburbs Love Bouncy Castles has over 70 disco bouncy castles for hire that will suit your entertainment requirements for your next occasion. Each bouncy castle comes complete with a free disco ball and bluetooth speaker, meaning your bouncy castle will light up, adding an extra layer of entertainment to your party.We’ll gladly recommend this bouncy castle hire company to our friends and family – oh heck to anyone!" Biggest Gigantic Enormous Range! C’mon, Perth ain’t that big (well, when compared to other super cities around the world). But if you’re talking about how big our range of bouncy castle is.. well let us just say it’s freakin’ big!Supplying Bouncy Castle hire perth within a 30km radius of Byford, free of charge! YAY we all love free delivery! If you are over 30km from Byford the following fees apply: Delivery Costs 31-40km $25. Delivery Costs 41-50km $40. Delivery Costs for 50+km from Byford POABecause we are about to bamboozle you with our gigantically ginormous selection of the best bouncy castles and other party paraphernalia that Perth has to offer. From our eccentrically extravagant Disney themed bouncy castles for the kids to our exotically euphoric adult range; castles WA will cater to your needs.Adult bouncy castle hire times are generally 8am to 4pm or evening hire 5pm to 7am the following morning. All our times can be adjusted to accommodate your party or event times in perth. As with all our bouncy castle hires you get 8 hours for the price of 4. Having an adult party or family bbq ?It contains all the records from the church and has all the births. entertainment centre and party venue in the area" – a.